Welcome To Carton Bros.

Since 1775 Carton Bros. has been at the forefront of the chicken industry in Ireland. 8 Generations of the Carton Family have made the company the No.1 producer of chicken in the Republic of Ireland. Our production plant located in Shercock, Co. Cavan is rooted in the community with many of our colleagues working with us for Generations. Over the years we have won many prestigious awards for our chicken products which can be found in all major Retailers throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Our Farmers

Chicken Farming is traditionally a family business and many of our farmers are either 2nd or 3rd generation chicken farmers, with many of our farmers family’s being in the business for well over a century.

The majority of our farmers are found in the traditional chicken farming areas of counties Cavan and Monaghan as well as counties Meath, Louth, Limerick & Waterford.

Carton Bros. is highly data driven and has invested in some of the world’s most advanced farm and processing technologies. Our farmers adhere to stringent quality control procedures related to all areas of chicken farming activities. The houses are built to the highest specifications giving adequate space, heat, light, ventilation and feeding methods. Our contracted hatchery is Irish Department of Agriculture approved, ACP registered and adheres to strict guidelines laid down by Carton Bros..

The strong relationship that exists between Carton Bros. and these farmers allows for the highest standards in animal welfare to be met. From day one our farmers are welcomed into a support network led by our expert teams, that ensures our customers receive the best possible chicken from the highest quality, sustainable farms.