Animal Welfare

The welfare of our chickens has been at the forefront of everything we do at Carton Bros throughout the many years we have been raising them. Carton Bros has been run for generations with the help of passionate farmers who take pride in ensuring high-welfare farming practices are maintained, in order to raise the finest quality chicken and best tasting chicken. Our farms are spread throughout Cavan, Monaghan and beyond, where there is a strong tradition for producing the best chicken. For over 240 years we have been growing chickens in Ireland. Using traditional chicken farming methods and improving on them every year since 1775 we have learnt new ways to bring out the best quality and taste. Raised and fed on a diet made with Irish Wholegrains that has been perfected though the years at our own feed mill. We work closely with Bord Bia and our own experts where we comply with and go beyond all their standards for good animal welfare. This means that where possible our chickens have access to the outdoors, enjoy a high fibre diet, clean water and have plenty of space to move around. Comfortable living is crucial for our chickens to grow and thrive. We ensure they feel secure and calm in their living environment, where they can move around during the day and sleep safely at night, just as nature intended.